Why Are Laptop Repairs So Complicated and Costly?

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Why Are Laptop Repairs So Complicated and Costly?

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In a world of increasingly digitized technology, laptops are among the most dazzling when it comes to style and function. With each new range of laptops, brands compete to create devices that are more slim, lightweight and with better displays than anything that’s come before.

However, as with every technological advancement, there are compromises to be made in favour of these impressive forward leaps. In the case of the laptop, it is the complexity and expense of repairs. Fixing a modern laptop is trickier than ever, and that means, of course, that it’s more expensive too. This applies to many shops for laptop repairs West Auckland has on offer.

Slimmer and smaller designs make it harder for technicians to open and access the component parts of a laptop. This means that they need to have special training for the job, and will charge you more for their service.

Want to know more? Here are 5 reasons why laptop repairs have become so complicated – and subsequently more damaging to your bank balance.

1. It’s Hard to Get Hold of Components


Arguably the main reason why laptop repair prices have skyrocketed is that the components need to be custom-made. Because laptops are so slim and lightweight, they need smaller and lighter parts, and many companies are choosing to make their own as a result. Finding parts for repairs has therefore become increasingly difficult and expensive.

2. Integrated Circuits Are Becoming the Norm


More and more laptops are being built with integrated circuits, which enables manufacturers to make more compact machines. Though lightweight and beneficial for making small laptops, these circuit boards are harder to access and repair. They are often installed without screws, which makes it difficult for technicians to open up and fix the component parts; all too often, the whole board must be replaced.

3. Planned Obsolescence is Commonplace


Leading manufacturers such as Apple are increasingly making parts that are simply not made to be fixed. On top of this, components are designed to have a shelf life, and will automatically stop working of their own accord when their designated lifespan is up. This means that, no matter how skilled the technician, many laptop parts are simply impossible to repair.

4. The Rising Cost of Cables and Motherboards


Over time, the price of cables and motherboards has increased. These cables include the wire to connect the keyboard to the computer, or the monitor to the tower etc. In some cases, manufacturers are making their own cables that are not compatible with other laptop brands or even other models within their own range. Replacing an essential cable has subsequently become much more expensive.

5. Fault Diagnosis Takes Longer


While previously, making a diagnosis regarding any computer issues could take as little as 10 minutes, the way our laptops are designed now means it can take several hours to diagnose the fault. This is largely due to laptops having smaller components and more fiddly parts to undo before full internal access is possible.

If your laptop needs repairing, make sure you take it to a reputable centre for laptop repair North Shore residents have already rated highly and reviewed. You need to be sure that your laptop is being handled by experienced, trained professionals, and that you aren’t wasting your money when you might as well buy an entirely new computer.

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