Can I Make My Laptop Last Longer?

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Can I Make My Laptop Last Longer?


If you’ve just bought a new laptop, you’ll want to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. The good news is that laptops should survive for years if you care properly for them. So, here are some expert techniques and tips to ensure your owner experience is a stress-free and long one.

Making The Battery Last

The battery of your laptop is actually considered to be disposable by manufacturers. All batteries lifespans are limited and will eventually wear out. Typically, the average laptop battery will last for between 500 and 800 full recharge cycles. Once 500 cycles have been completed, the battery will be incapable of holding its charge so well. Your battery life can be preserved by avoiding it discharging below 20%. Plug it in and charge it whenever you can. By avoiding full charge, the useful life of the battery can be extended. However, if the battery begins to fail, it can usually be replaced.


An overlooked yet simple way to prevent your laptop becoming damaged is to allow it to stay cool. The GPUs and CPUs inside your laptop will generate lots of heat. Ventilating the heat away from critical components couldn’t be more important since when components are exposed in the long-term to high temperatures, they’re more likely to fail and need repairing. Laptops should be used on firm surfaces rather than blankets or pillows to avoid restriction of the air flow. If your laptop feels warm, use a cooling stand with an inbuilt fan.

Regular Cleaning

Crumbs, dust and dirt clog up the laptop’s parts and cause problems. Debris inside the cooling vents blocks the heat from escaping and results in parts prematurely failing. Debris in the keyboard prevents the keys from functioning properly, while debris in the power, HDMI or USB ports weakens the connections so charging and peripherals become unreliable. Avoid getting the laptop dirty by avoiding eating while using it. Close it when you’re not using it too. Storing it inside a sleeve will help avoid further dirt and dust.

You can clean the laptop with a damp light cloth. Don’t use any chemicals though. You can clean its screen with screen cleaning wipes that are effectively at removing stubborn fingerprints. You can also use compressed air to blow crumbs and dust from your keyboard, ventilation areas and USB ports regularly.

Treat Your Laptop Gently

Dropping, manhandling or hitting a laptop is a very bad idea. When you’re transporting it, always use a well-padded case to avoid accidental damage to the screen. A very common fault is damage to the laptop’s power socket. This type of damage is usually caused by being too rough when you’re removing and inserting the charging cable, so make sure you always do it gently. When you’re using the laptop plugged in, make sure that the cord is kept in a safe place so it won’t be a trip hazard. Falling over the charging cable will almost always lead to your laptop falling and potentially being damaged.

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  1. Gayanne Frater says:

    MS Pro Notebook battery failed to stay charged while laptop plugged in. Have tried different powerpoints in house and there is no sign that battery is charging (14% battery). Have 3 zoom meetings scheduled from midday onwards.

    Usually is a wee light appears when notebook is connected using power cord and this is not happening.

    Can you call me asap 027822654 to advise me on how to get me up and running asp