Is My Laptop Worth Repairing?

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Is My Laptop Worth Repairing?

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Most of us depend on our laptops every day, and when they go wrong it’s disruptive and often incredibly expensive to get the problem sorted.

Similar to when dealing with a car, if your laptop needs fixing, it’s important to know whether it’s worth investing in repairs or you would be better off buying a new one.

There’s often a fine line between the expense of paying for potential repeat repairs and that of a brand-new laptop, so it’s a good idea to weigh everything up before making a decision. With that in mind, here’s what to think about when it comes to laptop repairs.

Diagnose the Problem


The first step is identifying the issue, and you don’t need to be a tech whiz to do this. The internet is your friend here, so performing a little online troubleshooting for the problem should assist in solving it quite quickly.

Still unsure? Ask a friend who is familiar with technology, or someone from the IT department in your office. If none of this helps, it’s time to take your laptop to a computer repair shop. The cost of fixing your laptop varies depending on the type of issue that needs fixing, as well as which part of the country you live in. Search online for ‘computer repairs near me’ and find a shop that has a good reputation.

Usually, repair shops will charge a small fee (around $20) for performing a diagnosis, although some will perform it free of charge.

Should You Pay for Repairs?


As soon as the diagnosis is complete, you need to make a choice. It’s often a tricky decision: should you pay for the repair, or put the money towards a new laptop instead?

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. How much would a new laptop be?


Figure out how much you would need to pay for a comparable laptop that fulfils your needs. One argument is that you should never pay more than 30% of the price of a new device for repairs on your current one. If it’s more than 50%, you really should consider investing the money in a brand-new laptop – one that will likely have new, advantageous features as well.

2. How long have you had the laptop?


Consider the age of your laptop. If it’s 5+ years old, it probably isn’t worth throwing more money at the situation. For, younger laptops that nevertheless have 3+ years under their belts, it’s up to you to decide. Any laptop that you’ve only had for 2 or less years is probably worth fixing.

3. Is the problem serious?


Some laptop issues are more serious, and therefore more expensive to repair, than others. Issues like a fried motherboard or major hard drive faults are big problems and you might want to reconsider paying for the repair. Problems like having a cracked screen or needing virus removal are less expensive and probably worth it.

4. Have you checked your warranty?


Your warranty may cover certain repair costs, and you might even be able to extend it, so be sure to check your warranty status before handing over any money to your repair shop.

Don’t struggle with a faulty laptop: there are plenty of great, affordable shops for computer repairs Auckland residents have already approved of. Ask for a professional diagnosis today.

If you choose not to repair your laptop, or if it is beyond repair, you should take it to be recycled at your local electrical recycling plant – just be sure to remove or wipe the hard drive first.

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