Should I Buy A Mac Or A PC?

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Should I Buy A Mac Or A PC?


One of the oldest questions tech experts are asked is whether you should buy a PC or a Mac. There are many pros and cons for each. So, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to help you make an informed decision for you.

Why Buy A Mac?

Even the cheapest Mac has a great display. With excellent viewing angles, Retina quality and factory calibration, they are better than all but the very highest-end laptops that cost considerably more.

iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch owners are sure to appreciate a Mac since it comes with a familiar design language, iCloud and Airdrop. When Apple Pay is configured on another device it shows up on a Mac when buying. FaceTime and iMessage also work between the different devices.

The Downsides Of A Mac

The butterfly key mechanism is unpopular, even with Apple devotees. This innovation may allow for a slimmer chassis, but the thinness of the key mechanism makes it prone to failing when debris gets inside. All devices plugged into Macs have to be USB-C. Alternatively, you’ll need a dongle or adapter to convert plugs.

Why Buy A PC?

There’s plenty of options when you’re choosing a PC laptop. Perhaps you need something affordable for basic computing and surfing the internet? No problem, you’ll find plenty of laptops that fit your budget. If you’re looking for a more powerful mobile laptop for on-the-go gaming, you’ll find laptops to suit you too.

Apple devices are hard to open since they use proprietary parts. Third party repairers may be able to repair your Mac but it’ll cost more and take longer than repairing a Windows PC laptop which uses interchangeable industry standard parts that can easily be replaced.

The Downsides Of A Windows PC

Apple has created a truly excellent trackpad, but laptop manufacturers haven’t been able to compete with its design. Even on high-end laptops, the trackpad is small without enough tactile feedback, accuracy and glide when compared to even the most basic Apple trackpad.

Windows as an operating system is a bit irritating from time to time. Multiple places exist for changing settings, and the stock Windows 10 installation is loaded with bloatware apps that slow your computer down. There’s also a lot of default enabled data collection and tracking services. Apple on the other hand keeps the Mac operating system clean, collecting no data unless the user opts in.

What About Antivirus Protection?

Whether you decide that a Mac or a Windows PC is the right choice for you, there’s one myth that you need to be aware of. Many people believe that Macs are unable to be infected by viruses, however that isn’t the case. In fact, some malware and viruses have been developed specifically to target the Mac and therefore it’s important to always ensure antivirus software is installed on either a Mac or a PC.

Which Should I Buy?

At the end of the day, the decision about whether to buy a Mac or a PC is down to you and your needs. Both offer their own benefits and disadvantages, so weigh up the pros and cons to make the right choice.

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