How Can I Safeguard My Laptop When It Is Out for Repair?

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How Can I Safeguard My Laptop When It Is Out for Repair?

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For many of us, our laptop contains our entire life, and is full of sensitive files and information that we would rather not share with other people, least of all strangers. Therefore, when the time comes for it to be repaired, it’s only natural to feel a little uneasy about handing over your laptop to be taken into a backroom. On top of this, further issues can occur while your computer is being repaired, which can lead to losing all your information – a stressful situation to be in.

While the vast majority of the shops for computer repairs West Auckland has to offer are entirely trustworthy, with reputable technicians who would never try to read your private files, it’s still important to safeguard your laptop when it’s out for repair in case an issue should arise. Give yourself peace of mind and protect yourself against the chance of losing your files with our tips for securing your laptop.

Follow Your Repair Shop’s Advice


A reputable computer repair North Shore shop should tell you what you need to do before bringing your laptop in for repairs. They will be able to advise you on the necessary steps for protecting your data, and give you an estimate on the chance of data loss happening during the repair process.

Back Up Your Files


Perform a complete backup of all your information and files, just in case something goes wrong. Computer issues that pose the most risk include motherboard or liquid damage repairs. Issues such as replacing a dead or faulty battery, upgrading the memory on your laptop, or repairing the hardware such as speakers or jack pose little risk of data interference, but backing up files will still save you a lot of trouble should anything unexpected happen.

Encrypt Private Files


When it comes to protecting your most private, personal files, you can make them extra secure by encrypting them. There is lots of great software available for this job that will allow you to secure individual files as well as the hard drive as a whole. Many systems have encryption software built in that you can use, or you can download an independent encryption service provider online.

Delete Sensitive Data


In order to assess whether the repairs have been successful, the technician may need to access and log in on your computer. If this is the case, you should consider removing any sensitive information you would rather not share. You can do this by removing your internet browser history, any saved passwords and form data, as well as files containing bank details or ID info. One solid way to get around this issue is to make a guest or admin account that the technician can use.

There are lots of shops offering computer repairs North Shore residents use regularly. Promote computer repairs West Auckland can be proud of, and rate and review them online to inform others of where the best repair shops are located.

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