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Rating Customer Suburb jobid What they say
4.75 Ian Barlow Henderson 100651 null
5.00 Kay Hegan Stonefields 100649 null
5.00 Bruce O\'brien Pukekohe 100642 The prompt and extremely efficient service was well appreciated - especial being an on-site vist
5.00 Bev Farmer Takanini 100625 Very quick and reliable service.
4.75 Rhonda Mt Albert 100616 null
5.00 EMA Plus (Ash) Grafton 100621 Harry is excellent ?
5.00 Gillian Thorpe Kumeu 100618 How safe is the way I paid?
5.00 Jenny Collins New Lynn 100614 Excellent service as always. Thank you Harry
5.00 Gabriel Lorinczi Hillcrest 100613 I think that Harry did a great job. Great guy, great service, knowledgeable. Highly recommended! Thank you for your assistance!
5.00 Chrissie Bethell Glendene 100603 Great service Harry was so efficient
5.00 Mark Avondale 100604 Although the diagnosis was not what I wanted to hear, it was correct, and the problem is resolved. Thank you for bearing with my anxious hovering!! What a great service!!
4.75 Steve (Bootten Consulting Ltd) Mt Eden 100583 null
4.25 Phil O\'Malley Castor Bay 100575 null
5.00 Karen France Conifer Grove 100581 Easy to deal with and very helpful
5.00 Phillipa Blair Grey Lynn 100576 Excellent attitude, help and patience explaining a simple procedure and checking thoroughly
5.00 Gerard Titirangi 100578 null
4.50 Patricia Tudehope Red Beach 100563 just wish the wholevisit was finalised ,, but it wasn\'t as Harry is away on Holiday for 3 weeks . & he\'s got me able to log on ,, but now I can\'t use my cards !!!!!!!!
5.00 Fred Mintey Point Chevalier 100559 Cheers Harry
4.50 Graham Hardy Westmere 100562 null
4.00 Richard Simpson Remuera 100532 null
4.75 Mark Jory Stillwater 100524 null
4.75 Mitch Rothesay Bay 100489 Harry was great. Very friendly and easy to talk to. Didn\'t push to do any unnecessary work and actively tried to save money by using existing options. Great!
5.00 Ian Glenfield 100508 Great prompt service. Many thanks
4.75 Trevor (Fryer Family Trust) Albany 100493 null
5.00 Mason Smith Clevedon 100490 null
5.00 HQ Clean (Jody Mcdonald) Mt Wellington 100473 Very patient with my lack of understanding it stuff ?
4.75 Paule Goodall Glendene 100482 null
4.50 Robert Forrester Botany 100465 Harry is a great technician and very patient with people like me who have limited tech skills. I\'m a little unhappy with paying for your petrol on top of a pretty high hourly rate.
5.00 Alice Anderson Waitoki 100468 null
4.00 Joachim Sante Green Bay 100474 Don\'t change what you are doing or the way you are doing it.
5.00 Gillian LANDER Birkenhead 100461 Hope there is no need for further help.
5.00 Alan Weaver North Shore Auckland 100431 Very happy and will call again as I am a oldy who gets frustrated with computers when they don\'t do what they should. Thank you very much and you have saved my laptop and the window it was going to exit. Cheers Alan Weaver ?
5.00 Jenny Collins New Lynn 100458 Excellent service Friendly Helpful with all my problems large or small
4.50 Sarah (Studio Pilate International) Takapuna 100454 null
5.00 Rachel Hannas New Lynn 100447 Harry is very professional and has a lovely manner.
4.50 Krisen Naidoo Flat Bush 100450 I believe that perhaps could be charged at 30 min blocks instead of hourly.
4.50 Richard Simpson Remuera 100443 null
4.00 M L Dudding Half moon bay 100439 null
5.00 Vicky Bouwhuis Parnell 100445 null
5.00 Derick Finlayson Ellerslie 100428 Very Quick reliable service Thank You
4.25 Peter Casey Sandringham 100434 null
5.00 Aviva Raisun (Olive Skin & Hair Care) Hillcrest 100435 Extremely impressed with the fact that you answer calls till 7pm, could send a technician the next morning and that my problem was solved within an hour. Greatful to have made the phone call! Thank you so much. Aviva Raisun Olive Skin and Hair Care Ltd
5.00 Dee Twiss Ponsonby 100421 Clever, thoughtful and strategic man. Thank you
5.00 Sheila Coltman Hobsonville 100415 Harry was prompt, quick, efficient and understood the problems surrounding what I needed done immediately - and he\'s a good furniture re-arranger too!
4.75 Ray Simpson Albany 100406 Harry arrived spot on time and veryly quic?ycleared up our problems
4.75 Bill Jaques Takapuna 100408 Thank you .. excellent servce
4.75 Ron McMillan Penrose 100404 Turned up on time Knew what he was doing Polite
5.00 Chris Tayelor Campbells Bay 100407 Harry called in advance, was on time, very courteous and efficient. Solved my problem immediately
5.00 Lynda Munro Cockle Bay 100386 Very pleased with the prompt service especially as it was just before Christmas.
5.00 Marcus Hillsborough 100382 Really appreciated the help, was fast and now I can get back to my video games!
5.00 Jeannette Keeling Northcross 100364 Harry is a hero!
5.00 Brian stuart Parnell 100344 Harry was very professional and polite and solved our problem just like that. We are very impressed and will definitely use again.
5.00 Dave Flat Bush 100345 null
5.00 Fred Mintey Point Chevalier 100337 As always, Harry was superb. My sincere thanks.
5.00 Dennis Northcote 100324 Harry fixed modem prblem quickly
4.00 David Davies Milford 100310 null
5.00 Lucy Adams Hillsborough, Auckland, New Zealand 100317 null
5.00 Pauline Gurr Glenfield 100314 null
4.50 Brenda Steingrimsson Three Kings 100295 The service is quite pricey but I\'m sure will be worthwhile
5.00 Mark Lewisham Mt Albert 100271 null
4.75 Dirk de Jong Beachlands 100259 Quick response and good feedback to my questions
4.75 Jeannie Milton Coatesville 100234 null
5.00 Paul Mason Rothesay Bay 100217 I was very impressed. The response was very quick, Harry obviously knew his stuff, and made suggestions for improvement to our computer, which we did.
4.50 Alfie Garrard Kohimarama 100226 null
5.00 Susan O\'Brien Ellerslie 100227 Happy Thursday !
5.00 Tina Chivers Massey 100223 Awesome!
4.75 Valerie Haldane Ardmore 100221 null
5.00 Gill Talbot Northcross 100197 Very happy with service kept to 1 hr as we requested
5.00 Terrence Taylor Red Beach 100189 Read reviews before contact, agree with all positive comments. Service was extremely prompt. Harry was very informative, clear in explaining our issues, gave great advice and assurance.,and was very efficient.
5.00 Daniel Bennett Wattle Downs 100179 Harry was great, very friendly and efficient!
5.00 Mary Grant Mission Bay 100175 null
5.00 Barbara Coll Karaka 100172 Just to say that i was thankful for Harry to come out and fix my internet for me
5.00 Mona McKenzie Whenupai 100173 null
4.75 Paul Hempstead Stanmore Bay 100161 null
5.00 Jennifer Hadley Red Beach 100163 Perfect!
5.00 Janet Mahoney Morningside 100153 null
5.00 Rolf Keppler Swanson 100152 Excellent service. Extremely happy.
4.75 Quinton Mairangi Bay 100148 null
4.50 Rod Hodgins Mt Eden 100144 null
5.00 Phillippa Kenny Sandringham 100132 Very grateful for the great service and guidance provided
4.00 Lester Smith Auckland CBD 100134 null
5.00 Jeanette Tu Te Atatu South 100121 Harry was very friendly, personable, but very professional.
4.75 Andy Butler Stonefield 100120 null
5.00 Haylie Buxton Silverdale 100106 null
5.00 Jewellery Expressions Limited (Neville) Manukau 100091 Always happy with Harry\'s service. He is friendly and good to deal with
4.75 Julie Mackie Mt Eden 100110 I was unaware of the variety of firms using the term \"Geeks\" until Harry told us. I am glad I found out today and have Harry\'s card.
4.75 Sandra Hunt Meadowbank 100042 I was delighted with the service that I received from Harry.
5.00 Tracy Middleton Ranui 100097 Very informative and very polite and friendly
4.25 Tam Larkin One Tree Hill 100069 Invoice went to wrong email address, but was not followed up. Maybe that was not advised.
5.00 Marion Johnston Mt Wellington 100064 Thanks Harry.
4.50 James Sheffield Kohimarama 100067 I did not understand that: 1. The schedule for the site visit would delayed 2. That a remote consultation was a more reliable option, and one that I expect to use again in the future..
4.75 Peter pearson Grafton 100061 null
4.50 Phil O\'Malley Castor Bay 100062 null
4.00 David Sceats Remuera 100058 Vey happy
5.00 Hannah Ferguson Papakura 100060 Harry was great! Got the laptop fixed really quickly and then helped me with other IT questions and issues I had so used the time really well. Will definitely use again and recommend. Thank You!
4.75 Mary Pattison Mairangi Bay 100049 null
4.25 Nigel Donnell Cockle bay 100037 null
4.75 Dennis J. Paul Chatswood 100039 My concern is that your invoice did not describe exactly what you did. It only gave particulars of time spent but no details of what was done. This is a concern for me and I would like a detailed invoice please.
5.00 Martin (Attitude Foods) Glenfield 44750 null
5.00 Sushila Bearne Mt Wellington 100011 Harry was very very helpful and gave a lot of information on the issues we were having with our PC. Only needed one phone call to the right company/Person and it was all fix with ease. I will definitely recommend Harry and company again to others
5.00 Andrew Ball (Easenz Ltd) Parnell 100024 Harry is very good to deal with
4.75 Norma Beck Castor Bay 100009 null
5.00 David Holden Rothesay Bay 100012 Very happy with the service Harry provided he was quick efficient and on time, thank you!
5.00 Jamie (Digital Garage) Auckland CBD 100007 thank you for turning up so quickly
5.00 James Scott Remuera 99998 Excellent service.
4.25 NG Pizzini Mt Albert 99981 Turned out to be a quick fix so having to pay 1 hr minimum made it pricy in my case. Harry was friendly and informative
4.75 Gerry wallis Devenport 99989 null
5.00 Mona McKenzie Whenupai 99985 null
5.00 Heather French Golflands 99975 Always dependable. Can trust his knowledge on faults. Always checks that system is operating when work completed. Pleased team viewer has been installed. Great service
4.75 Adrienne Young-Cooper Hobsonville Point 99964 null
5.00 Robert Boucher Onehunga 71146 null
5.00 Angela Shamuel Botany 99949 null
4.75 Patsy Thornton Orewa 20317 Prompt service after requesting help.
4.00 Judith Toussaint Royal Oak 57625 I called on Wednesday and a technician came but after a few minutes said he would take it back to office. He came back this morning he had actually done nothing to it at the office but rectified everything whilst here today. I was then carged for 1and 1/2 hours which i am a bit annoyed about Why couldnt he have done the job last wednesday. He was very efficient I must say and all sorted within 1/2 an hour.
5.00 Adam Strang Hauraki 75309 Harry was great. He made sure my iMac and phone were safe after a scamming attempt and also educated me on good computer hygiene. Highly recommended.
4.00 Donnell Larry Mangat?whiri 60047 I would like to add that Harry was a very polite well presented well mannered young man. Being some what of a dummy when it comes to computers he was a very easy guy to follow....
5.00 Linda Treuren St Heliers 21843 Great service
5.00 Rob Batstone Parnell 47737 null
5.00 Colin Weerasekera (Serenadib NZ Ltd)) Stonefields 59824 Harry knows what he is doing. Don’t waste time like some others to get more money. Very knowledgeable.
5.00 Karen Winston Ponsonby 48447 null
4.25 Mal Smith Bayview 67731 null
4.75 David Milner Greenhithe 96225 null
4.75 Kevin Clarke Northcote Point 30834 I hope we can stay in touch and form a reliable consulting basis to solve future problems - which are certain to arise, from time to time
4.50 Lewis Remuera 52326 Harry was polite and explained what he was doing, setting up a Gail safe in case the problem happened again. Excellent
5.00 Jenny Neely Grey Lynn 27309 Harry was very professional and extremely helpful and gave honest opinion regarding the help we needed. We were overwhelmed with your speedy service and promptness on time, this is unusual today. Thank you Jenny , Arthur
5.00 Mark (Dollar for School) Null 74529 Thank you Harry!
4.50 John Martin (Home Link International) Orewa 87205 null
5.00 Denis Woolnough West Harbour 85711 Harry very nice to deal with. Everything explained in plain English for someone who is not a computer geek. Would happily recommend to any friends/acquaintances.
5.00 Diggory (Silver Harbour Capital Ltd) Parnell 21655 null
5.00 HQ Clean (Jody Mcdonald) Mt Wellington 60055 Super friendly chap knew his stuff and was super efficient… smelt nice too ?
4.25 Russell Goulden Howick 93456 No
5.00 Sharon kernot Te Atatu 51044 Harry was softly spoken but easy to follow and explained in simple terms
5.00 Craig Atherstone Silverdale 81148 null
4.75 Credos Consultants Ltd Ponsonby 52332 null
5.00 Gwen Lim One Tree 30405 Harry is very skilled, extremely punctual, polite and a fast worker. Very happy with his services.
4.00 Andrew Ball (Easenz Ltd) Parnell 90923 Harry is very good to deal with
5.00 Heather French Golflands 31624 null
5.00 Joe Wenham Auckland CBD 71529 I appreciate your promptness in same day arrival and the return when you said you would. Thanks
5.00 Heath Body Freemans Bay 62401 Harry was a very friendly young man.He was prompt and efficient would highly recommend his services.He will be the first person we call if we need help with our computer.Thanks.
5.00 Fred Mintey Point Chevalier 89529 Harry is outstanding. Many thanks
4.75 Bryant Mead Remuera 21411 Fast response. Professional technician. Harry was great.
4.50 Magdalene Specht Red Beach 37956 null
5.00 David Musham Flat Bush 66254 Excellent service
4.50 Dee Twiss Ponsonby 70754 null
5.00 Michael Stone Henderson 89643 I cannot fault your service it was fast and efficient.
5.00 Pauline Ray [Dock street Group] Herne Bay 94217 null
5.00 Noel Jones Chatswood 54410 Another great job by Harry Thanks
5.00 Graham Sheddan Torbay 69549 Exceeded my expectations
4.50 Quinton Mairangi Bay 38845 null
5.00 Adrienne Bartle Mission Bay 98252 Please keep up with this very valuable service. thank you
4.50 Alice Waenga Null 80607 I thought the price $143.75 for the work completed was a little steep. However, I am happy with my printer being connected to my desktop. Thank you for your service again.
4.50 Max Wadey Mission Bay 50900 null
5.00 Jill Bradley Ponsonby 61056 null
5.00 John (Barrett Bros Ltd) Hobsonville 64208 sorted out team viewer for more work
5.00 Kaye Ramsey East Tamaki 42622 Harry solved all problems with expertise and was very helpful. Thanks for excellent service Harry.
5.00 Louise Vemoa Mt Wellington 30319 Yes. My husband and I are happy we got that young man as we are totally lost when it comes to computers Thank you Harry
5.00 Amanda White Papakura 97512 You have an amazing service, please keep it up x
5.00 Jill Bradley Ponsonby 52907 null
4.75 Ivan Ross Walden Ponsonby 21301 null
5.00 Jenny Smith Mt Eden 28217 null
5.00 Lyn (Veza Drainage) Manukau 98442 Friendly tech, happy to answer any queries, well priced
4.75 Jeannette Keeling Northcross 54756 null
5.00 Dave Parnell Takanini 78224 null
4.75 Murray Mcconville Ellerslie 61607 The only slight point of unsureness would be the overall cost of the appointment, which was $60 dearer than my other computer person(who I have used for a while).But, I feel that I am getting better service for my money with Harry!
5.00 Anne Mcneil Orewa 66731 Harry was absolutely brilliant!! Will definately refer him to anyone..
4.75 Philip Barnes Auckland CBD 44517 null
4.25 Waari Ward Holmes Orakei 88801 Question 6 doesn\'t make sense. I will use your services again but only if I need them. Maybe my answer should have been \'Not at all likely\" Harry fixed the problem but there\'s no reason for it to recur unless I really stuff up so I\'m hoping I won\'t have to use you.
5.00 Tania Renoylds St Heliers 87008 null
5.00 Paul Dravitski Pakuranga 86400 Good service and pleasant to deal with
4.75 Allen Bruford Remuera 20105 null
5.00 Michael Stone Henderson 82425 Your service was quick efficient and friendly
4.00 Sarah Yates Remuera 36618 null
4.75 Jacky Greig West Harbour 52923 null
4.75 David Butler (Simply Wonderful Clothes) One Tree Hill 36913 null
5.00 Pam Mongomerie Mt Albert 30752 null
5.00 James Keeley Te Atatu 90248 I can\'t believe it was only one thing with changing the cable to another port. But I\'m happy my desktop is working amazing
5.00 Alex Calder Epson 45345 null
4.75 Kendell Bird-Ritchie Freemans Bay 85950 Expensive! But I needed the fix urgently.
4.75 Luis New Windsor 21341 null
5.00 Judy Gillett Remuera 78215 null
5.00 Jane Heim Greenlane 84610 null
5.00 Allan Matthews Takanini 29406 null
4.75 Sleepwell Clinic (Alex Bartle) Mission Bay 74403 null
4.75 Dee Twiss Ponsonby 73909 null
5.00 Christine Abel Remuera 84617 Harry, excellent again.. Thanks
5.00 Jan Johnson Royal Oak 61805 null
4.75 Karen Humphries Herne Bay 90016 null
4.50 Simran Kaur Flat Bush 20204 null
5.00 Christine Abel Remuera 55017 Harry was very professional and polite... Thank you Christine
4.50 Rhys Jones Glen Eden 50315 null
5.00 Joachim Sante Green Bay 51834 Simply magic
5.00 Suzanne Hardy Mt Albert 98754 Very happy with the service. Harry was easy to communicate with and made sure I understood the issues needing to be addressed.
5.00 Peter mcnee Forest Hill 87954 null
4.25 Ben Kersten Onehunga 78741 null
4.50 Paul Lowe Papatoetoe 96340 null
5.00 Grace Foundation Solutions (Richard) Greenhithe 65148 null
4.00 Rosie Belton 75532 This,was an amazing service . Far exceeded my expectations. Thank you
4.00 Barry Parker Eden Terrace 76931 Could of been cheaper . Especially for pensioner
4.50 Paul young Henderson 77819 null
5.00 Mark Gordon Auckland CBD 65608 null
5.00 Jenny Mentzer Parnell 85357 I was impressed with the quick service. Rang at 1pm and Harry was here by 2.20pm. Gave me options and recommendations of what to do next. Thank you.
4.50 Allison Shephard Birkdale 89912 I have but wont say
4.75 Dee Twiss Ponsonby 52629 null
4.50 Fox Properties Larchwood Trust (Linda) St Lukes 64940 null
5.00 Pauline Roberts Orakei 43657 Thanks Harry for sorting out my Onedrive issues
5.00 Pauline Roberts Orakei 81606 Very efficient service, thanks
5.00 Jenny Collins New Lynn 75638 Thanks Harry you did a great job. and with the time spent explaining to me how to use my new laptop
5.00 Kathleen Platt East Tamaki 75346 Always professional and curtious
5.00 Jenny Collins New Lynn 45931 null
4.75 Pauline Chaimowitz St Heliers 50837 null
5.00 Ann Marie Grey Lynn 59128 Great service and especially helpful when my PC crashes.
4.75 Maxine Properties (Francis) Swanson 66045 null
4.25 Jan Garvan Herne Bay 81725 The technician seemed very professional -The only thing I would say is that I would have thought that if you pay by the hour you could expect tuition on other aspects of the computer even if the tech side was addressed.
5.00 Trade Professionals NZ Ltd (Julie Malins) Greenhithe Auckland 47320 Efficient and pleased with the result
4.50 Lyn Henderson Point Chevalier 29122 As pensioners it is good to know that our query/request can be answered and we feel we are \"looked after\" so that gives us peace of mind.
4.50 Maxine Properties (Francis) Swanson 26854 null
5.00 John Harris Stonefields 31915 Harry called me back when he got home & remoted into my PC to work on my problem. I appreciated that he didn\'t put me off till the next day even though it was getting late & I\'m sure he would much rather have been having some family time. thanks.
5.00 Mary Routledge Albany 49421 I have been so frustrated about not having any email and apart from the time spent trying to solve the problem myself I have also had to spend a lot of time contacting businesses who send me monthly bills so I can get paper copies. In addition there were documents in my email that are related to my taxes - due soon. I have a great sense of relief that the problem was solved, and in such a short time.
5.00 Twincoast Ltd Kumeu 54124 null
5.00 Peter Neeve Hillsborough 26830 Harry arrived promptly and worked efficiently to fix my problem, while also carrying out a health check on my hard drives and advising me on how to speed up my computer. Many thanks.
5.00 Ian Wallace Milford 72353 Thank you
4.75 Mike Gaffaney Onehunga 68648 Harry was able to come early, diagnosed issue, installed the necessary driver and came back to assist with another platform newly installed. Top service and knowledge
5.00 Marlene Harsden Onehunga 28048 null
4.75 Graham Jackson Auckland 45000 Thanks for keeping your word aboiut everything
5.00 Paula Gibbs Huapai 78953 On start up my laptop didn\'t display a white screen (the reason for the visit) and fired up perfectly so Harry gave it a thorough health check looking for why it might have white screened before. He explained everything perfectly and now I know who I\'ll be asking to help if it should do it again.
5.00 Gael Thompson Auckland CBD 86712 Only to reiterate how satisfied o am with Harry
5.00 EMA Plus (Ash) Grafton 88435 Harry is great.
4.50 Mike Gaffaney Onehunga 96927 null
5.00 Richard Lumsden Auckland 50810 My technician was John. Great work. Thanks again.
5.00 Tricia Wilkinson Orakei 26954 Thank you so much for making my problem easily solved
5.00 Robert Gray Birkdale 63219 null
5.00 Fred Mintey Point Chevalier 57333 sincerest thanks Harry
4.00 Beverly Millar Pukekohe 71439 null
5.00 Jillian Jones Onehunga 99345 Harry fantastic, spoke clearly to us in “old” persons understanding, so good as this technology is hard for us to comprehend sometimes. Did so much more than we expected and had awesome advice too.
4.50 Tony Olsen Red Beach 77722 null
5.00 Juliet Dillon Orewa 64030 Very calm & knowledgeable, able to explain procedures in simple steps.
4.75 PL Consultancy Ltd Epsom 20811 Harry was very helpful
5.00 Shore power Services (James) Orakei 25425 null
5.00 Tim Peoples Waiake 89407 null
4.75 Dora Green Remuera 70445 Thank you for your quick response and to Harry who efficiently sorted the computer firewall problem.
4.00 Victor Wardle Mangere 77352 When told of your coming I was told 10:00 am & I should have been told between 10:00 & 10:30. When one is anxious the non arrive at the said time means the technician is not coming! A little little matter for you, somewhat big for me.
5.00 Pamela Putland Opaheke 85613 Good firm to deal with.
5.00 Derek Pullen Auckland CBD 41039 I am impressed with the quick service and the expertise in finding a fix. Thank you!
5.00 CJM Consulting (Chris) Murrays Bay 67238 null
4.75 Stuart Anderson Onehunga 89803 null
5.00 Peter mcnee Forest Hill 64859 null
4.50 Holton Grace Stanmore Bay 85754 null
5.00 EMA Plus (Ash) Grafton 80600 Harry is Great!
5.00 Phil Hobden Birkenhead 40849 Excellent customer service - didn\'t make me look stupid and explained everything clearly and concisely. The work was done quickly and efficiently and I will definitely use you again.
5.00 Jane Heim Greenlane 82603 null
4.50 61734 null
4.50 Barry Whittle Massey 24730 null
4.50 Phil Perrott Dairy Flat 47719 nope. Good guy very efficient. Refused a mango lassee.
4.50 Antoni Czarniecki Te Atatu 73841 I have bought a new laptop and will need the Geeks to transfer my data from the old machine.
5.00 Noel Jones Chatswood 86445 Great service Had things up and running within a hour
4.75 Christine Ellis Sandringham 96505 Very pleasant helpful young man. Made an old lady feel not so much of an idiot. Many thanks Harry.
5.00 Jannette Milicich Stonefields 33632 null
4.00 Krishi Narayan Papakura 75302 null
4.50 Quinton Mairangi Bay 95943 null
4.75 MPM Investments Ltd (Mike Mcglone) Torbay 92527 FRIENDLY, COMPETENT SERVICE, THANK YOU
4.50 John Haslemore St Heliers 80538 null
5.00 Elija Lowndes Orakei 22624 null
4.00 Lester Fong Greenlane 20113 null
5.00 Edwina Jennings Onehunga 78322 null
5.00 Quentin Green Onehunga 99921 null
4.75 Bridget Wilson Auckland CBD 80440 Bit expensive but good job. Communication could’ve been better at end ie time of drop off
5.00 Vanessa Hills Auckland CBD 72115 null
5.00 Michael Stone Henderson 66633 your service was quick and you came when you said that you would.
4.00 Steve Byrne Otahuhu 89331 Leaving town so although Harry helped me out of a jam I don;t think he will be able to help me in my new home in Bay of Islands. Nice bloke though. Thanks, Steve.
4.00 George Hawkins Papakura 74558 null
5.00 Forte Investigations (Andrew Barnard) Onehunga 60005 Harry was great to deal with and I appreciated the quick response to my service request, especially at this time of year. Many thanks.
5.00 Tony Knight Freemans Bay 67305 No
4.75 Joan Thompson Newmarket 92816 null
5.00 Kaler Lorier Albany 93819 Really appreciated that Harry realised that I needed my computer by Sunday and delivered on Saturday. That\'s great service.
5.00 Barbara Garard Remuera 34945 null
4.50 Peter mcnee Forest Hill 60605 null
4.50 Russell Goulden Howick 92849 Harry has been very helpful, I prefer to deal with just one person
4.50 Stephaine Bailey Browns Bay 99118 I was surprised at the hourly Rate. I still kept the appointment though.
5.00 Paul Martin Mangere 22959 null
5.00 Francine Cappon Castor Bay 70648 null
5.00 Daniel Addison Remuera 67547 Thank you Harry for fixing my computer.
5.00 Michael Moynahan Onehunga 88852 null
4.00 John Harris Stonefields 62706 I\'m going to use Harry for a job in the new year. Thanks. John Harris
5.00 EMA Plus (Ash) Grafton 98151 Harry is the best. Thank you. Regards Ash
5.00 David Smith Panmure 42458 Re Q 6, I hope I don\'t have need of your services again, but it does inspire confidence to know that you are there if it goes wrong.
4.50 Anne Kane Titirangi 43359 null
4.25 Russell Goulden Howick 87014 Ask me the jobs are completed
5.00 Selwyn Carroll Orewa 45124 Very satisfied with advice that Harry gave us regarding that we had bought a new computer, but it had old techno,ogy, hence going slow.
5.00 Banaba Haurua Mt Roskill 27642 Great service and Harry was very happy to explain in words I could understand what was happening
4.75 Marten Bearda Takanini 28216 great friendly service ,
5.00 Shonagh Lindsay Onehunga 22016 null
4.75 Hoskin Builders (Wayne) Riverhead 94736 null
5.00 Trish Maurray Albany 66017 null
5.00 Ann Marie Grey Lynn 43808 null
5.00 Brett Takapuna 20334 null
4.00 Jenny Gilchrist Takapuna 71224 null
5.00 George Hawkins Papakura 83739 null
4.25 Shannon Lowry Takanini 90343 null
5.00 Simon Tass Glendene 99040 Harry is excellent , informative , always helpful and reliable . He has a very good knowledge of IT areas and services
4.75 Bernard Scahill Remuera 48229 null