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Every customer is invited to fill out a short survey after completion of job. Below are some latest responses from our customers.

Rating out of 5 Customer Suburb jobid What they say
5.00 Colin Lilley Manurewa 97359 null
5.00 Gary Sutcliffe Massey 92743 Harry was awesome. Also the company was very responsive in arranging for Harry to call on us less than 2 hours after we made the call. We had contacted a competitor businees prior to contacting Expert Geeks and were told that next Wednesday 5 days later) was the earliest they could book us in. Great service. Harry also a passionate cricket fan like me :-)
4.75 Ron Haxton Eastern Beach 92047 Good job by Harry
4.25 Kearns Services Ltd (Graham Kearns) Farm Cove 57609 null
4.75 Naval Childcare Center Devenport 35932 Harry the technician was friendly and knowledgable
5.00 Meagan Murphy Cockle Bay 65157 Harry was on to it, thanks Harry. 😊
5.00 Angela Schwarz Orewa 77236 Communication in respect of arrival time was perfect, professional attitude, problem was solved quickly with no drama - very impressed and I will use your service again
5.00 Quentin Green Onehunga 26516 null
4.00 Nicolette Bartoli Null 34342 null
4.00 Siobhan Weir Ellerslie 32024 null
4.25 Roger Hawthorne Birkenhead 81710 null
5.00 Peter Eyre Parnell 60545 I was impressed
4.00 29645 Null
5.00 72203 null
4.50 Sue Noble Takapuna 83037 null
5.00 Chris Ward Farm Cove 98829 null
4.75 Peter Daymond-King Helensville 91426 Harry rang when he said he would, answered my questions and fixed my problem. Spot on!
4.75 York Construction Hillsborough 23838 null
5.00 Advanced Industrial Services Nz (Greg) Mt Eden 60558 Wish I us this service months ago
5.00 Alan McCullough Grey Lynn 82646 null
4.75 Brearna Bowen Witford 60821 null
4.75 Packaging Systems Ltd Whitford 44620 null
4.50 Alex Bartle Mission Bay 25204 Excellent service, out of hours, with successful outcome.
5.00 92443 great work guys!!!
4.00 Michael Boyd-Clark Mairangi Bay 32611 Thanks Harry, great job done.
4.75 Czura Antony Devenport 36652 null
4.25 Anne Smithson Birkenhead 52547 null
5.00 Simon Tass Glendene 88817 Harry is absolutely excellent in terms of advice , patience in explaining something technical and very good at explaining everything he is doing . He is a credit to your company and an excellent computer engineer
4.50 Hale & Cole Ltd (Greg and Leanne) Papakura 55138 null
4.50 Onsite Steel Fabrication Ltd Bayview 92432 null
5.00 Chris (CJM Consultants Ltd) Murrays Bay 72006 null
4.75 Avetek Ltd Papakura 77830 null
5.00 Avetek Ltd Papakura 96630 null
5.00 Karl Els Tuakau 22756 null
4.00 Linda Steinlechner Browns Bay 92604 Harry was great, thank you
5.00 I Pave Concrete Drury 51608 null
4.25 Andrew Carey Albany 42659 nice person,knew what he was doing,communicative,was on time on a weekend..overall good.
5.00 Mikar Trust Auckland CBD 69517 Harry is very professional.
4.50 Errol McKenzie Birkenhead 37652 null
4.75 Sue Barber Riverhead 69759 Harry very helpful .great guy
4.25 Anne Kane Titirangi 57715 null
5.00 Julie Madsen Waitoki 37002 null
4.75 Hale & Cole Ltd (Greg and Leanne) Papakura 26248 Your response times are exceptional. Your over the phone help is great. Thanks
4.75 Philip Garlick Onehunga 89310 null
4.00 Murray Blade West Harbour 22351 null
5.00 Trevor Smith Henderson 46053 Harry is a great people person and we are very happy with how he listens and explains a resolution to problems with ease , A pleasure to have come into our home and sort our computer problems
5.00 Pauline Ray [Dock street Group] Hern Bay 94113 null
5.00 Rachel Kania Mt Eden 81031 Thank you Harry!
4.50 Anthony Scott Golflands 91859 null
5.00 Gill Plume Dairy Flat 28753 Thanks Harry for being so good!! Gill and Kirk
5.00 Colleen Balfour Calderwood Close 34930 null
5.00 Bill Jaques Takapuna 86846 null
5.00 Richard Harward Onehunga 43300 Thank you to Harry for his prompt and courteous service. It was a model of a way to run a service business.
4.75 Peter McPherson Avondale 58847 null
5.00 Sher Foley-lovelock Mt Eden 86248 null
4.50 David Whyte coatesville 23828 The call-out rate including a 1 hour travel-time charge is a bit steep, particularly as there was another client in the area - who also got charged the travel-time amount presumably - but the expertise and the result is very good. PC is still quite slow but I suspect that this is a Windows 10 issue. Thanks.
4.50 Ray Lewis Mellons Bay 90333 null
5.00 Dee Twiss Ponsonby 77103 Very kindly patient service man tolerant of our 81 year old brains!
4.00 Anne Mcneil Orewa 31114 null
5.00 Professional Resuscitation Services Glenfield 63535 Brilliant service. Thank you. Will definitely recommend to friends and family
4.25 Terence Brown St Heliers 27643 null
4.50 Judy Graham New Lynn 51348 null
4.50 Jane Watson Torbay 69610 Tonight ar 12 30 am the net gear 5 g is connected. but the box on the tv i think its a smart box wont work chris wanted to watch a soccer game tonight live but cant as we cant stream any thing.will have to call you in again .we got a message on the tv screen to go to internet settubgs we did it says connected to net gear 5g.the net gear extender has all lights showing green it is working.mustvhe the settings in the smart box. dont know how to fix it jane
5.00 David Whyte coatesville 22126 First class expert assistance - much appreciated.
4.00 Helen Mulcahy St Heliers 72632 null
5.00 Coppins Construction Ltd Onehunga 73218 null
5.00 Suzanne Chappel Karaka 33457 null
5.00 Donald Foley St Heliers 66834 null
4.50 Paul Martin Mangere 22609 null
4.25 Mark Sullivan Remuera 43828 My experience with Harry was a good one! I was quoted $125 for the hour over the phone but yet I was charged $143.75, that was my only negative comment otherwise I was very satisfied.
4.25 Ian Brown Devenport 67956 null
5.00 John Green Freemans Bay 47016 Great service and much appreciated for what to me was an urgent computer problem
4.75 Peter mcnee Forest Hill 45726 null
4.00 Precious McKenzie Albany 65319 Service is good but very expansive for retired people. If your price is affordable yes I would recommend this service to my colleagues.
5.00 David Johnson Herne Bay 28620 Great service very efficient and good recommendations analyzing the existing system
4.25 Pure Dew water Ltd (Belinda) East Tamaki 39219 null
4.75 Robyn Sharpe Manukau 50818 Harry was very diligent and patient with me. He did everything i asked him to do, and he helped by suggesting a different way to do some things and then he put it all into action. It was more expensive than i was expecting but still much cheaper than a new laptop and I am happy to be able to use it again.
4.75 Dennis Greenman Karaka 96536 null
5.00 Kaye Ramsey East Tamaki 63814 Harry is very knowledgeable with all Tech equipment and fixed all problems requested. Recommend Harry who was most helpful and efficient. Rating 10/10. Thank you expert geeks.
5.00 Jenni Smerdon New Lynn 54833 Thank you Harry for your fast, friendly and helpful service!
5.00 Dee Twiss Ponsonby 91358 Very patient person., skilled,intelligent and friendly.
5.00 Rani Joy Mt Eden 84200 I am happy with the service
5.00 Mark Easthope Mt Eden 52407 Harry was clear informative and polite with his communications I felt I could trust him he even offered to take his shoes off he had spent extra trying to save/revive what was on my hard drive which had totally collapsed I’m grateful for that
4.75 Fred Needham Albany 27142 null
4.50 TG Enterprises Ltd Parnell 61414 Good, responsive service
5.00 Christian Hansen Papatoetoe 91341 Quick, courteous, and efficient
4.50 Pauline Mcdowell Epsom 25133 I dont think you should be charging credit card fees on top of pricing,this should be a cost of doing business and included in your big bills, like transport rent and phone
5.00 Dianne Troup Papatoetoe 66618 null
5.00 Gunn Talent Ltd Saint Heliers 82459 null
4.50 Allison Shephard Birkdale 50813 Harry was a great technician and answered our questions/concerns to a very high standard. He was helpful and courteous. Instant Costing and payment/options was of a concern to us though. 3% on visa payment charges seems a bit high.
5.00 Constantin Enache Albany 49129 promptly service very qualified and friendly technician
5.00 Fraser Haven Milford 45504 Harry is excellent. Really helpful, friendly guy. Arrived on time and gave great advice and service. Got our TV, laptop and printer issues sorted quickly. Fraser Heaven Newhaven Property
4.50 Donald McPhail Remuera 42524 null
4.25 Mary Carter Kumeu 93045 null
5.00 Champion Motors 1072 45035 .
5.00 Anna Baird St Heliers 92522 Really appreciated the very fast service. Harry was efficient and let me know what my options were to get the solution I required. Thanks so much for your reliable service. I will definitely call on you again when needed.
5.00 Sue Devitt Point Cheb 69555 Harry was very polite and courteous and patient. Although he wasn’t able to totally fix the problem I have avenues to follow up to make this happen
4.75 Deborah Thomas Blockhouse Bay 96223 the receipt process when my lap top was picked up by technician. Apart from the card he left I had no other verification that he had my property.
5.00 Dianne Troup Paaptoetoe 23523 Already booked in for more work on my computer to load Windows 10 and new hard drive
4.75 Lindsay Stewart Mangere 42231 null
5.00 Ray Lewis Mellons Bay 60440 I think that the customer serfvice of Harry is the best customer service of any kind I ever had. I would like to recommend him for a raise, though I realise this may no be possible! I have never written a review like this before.
4.75 Gary Findlay Pukekohe 83418 null
5.00 Anne Stevens Birkenhead 40057 Excellent service. Very efficient and able to respond immediately to all my issues.
5.00 Andrew Ball (Easenz Ltd) Parnell 38355 null
5.00 Mikar Trust Auckland CBD 62115 No concerns, very impressed
4.75 Michael Edgar Auckland CBD 33400 null
4.75 Mary Irwin Westmere 33538 null
4.00 Meghann Stewart Mission 64217 No, just was a very easy, successful experience. thanks
4.75 Mark Adams Waiaku 40135 null
4.75 Paul Trotman Medical Services Kohimarama 67536 Harry just excellent
4.75 Alison (Allpoppies Ltd) Ellerslie 23531 null
5.00 Grant Mcallum Grey Lynn 30639 null
4.00 Airma Bugden Stonefield 47730 fantastic service
4.25 Alan Brash (Shoot First Productions Ltd) Takapuna 94010 null
4.00 Peter Fogarty Unsworth Heights 99539 Really pleased with the prompt same day service, Harry arrived right on time, identified the problem quickly and returned the computer fixed on the day promised with all the functions working as if nothing had happened. Excellent service.
5.00 Kate Imlach Point Chebalier 21646 Harry was wonderful and kind enough to service my machine over the weekend, as I\'d just started a new job. What awesome service! Would recommend Harry and Expert Geeks highly to friends.
4.00 Jan Lucas Cockle Bay 20825 The geek was very helpful and pleasant.
5.00 Shambel Danoiw Mount Roskill 21125 It was good to be honest, he gave me the comfort of knowing that my laptop is no longer accessible by anyone else. And also left me wanting to try provide the same service he did to me for others, so you guys will be the first to receive an application form from me sometime in the future haha. Thanks again
5.00 Gerda Freeth Greenlane 98324 null
4.75 Brian Clayton Herne Bay 75544 null
5.00 Tracey Manolas Hillcrest 68048 null
4.50 Glennis Shivnan Pakuranga 50527 null
5.00 Maggie Mckenzie Grey Lynn 68230 null
4.50 Simon Webster Devenport 60913 null
5.00 Heather Bate Mt Roskill 75942 Shame I\'ve lost an important program but otherwise, very happy
5.00 Gerda Freeth Greenlane 33106 null
4.75 John Shaw Epsom 22159 null
5.00 Zona quinton Remuera 23802 Thank you for your prompt service and reassurance that a very clever scamming email was nothing at all to worry about and for future-proofing my computer.
5.00 Addit Embrodiery Henderson 75603 Thank you so much Harry!!
4.25 Johnny Lane Narrow Neck 28044 A slight concern over the delay of the delivery of the invoice but was resolved satisfactorily. Speed & reliability were excellent. Harry\'s explanations were thorough & he was very professional. Always prefer to see all quoted prices inclusive of GST. Thanks.
5.00 Nerissa Tuang Rothesay Bay 30915 Harry was there in 1.5 hours after making the call so was first very impressed with response rates to customer requests. He was very professional, knowledgeable and although was unable to fix the issue at hand at the time, what he advised would be done was done and on time! Outstanding customer service, follow through and resolution to a tricky technical headache that I\'d not been successful to fix. Thank you!
4.75 Janet Bearsley Northcote 39415 First time I have used Expert Geeks and found them prompt - efficient - helpful - pleasant. I would definitely use them again.
4.50 David Tossman [New Zebra Ltd] Remuera 95125 null
5.00 Pauline Barfoot Mangere 74925 Harry was extremely helpful, I had another older Laptop which he said was not worth fixing, I knew by his comment that I could rely on Harry, he fixed my other Laptop and would keep in touch with me regarding the progress. Harry took the time to drop off the laptop at my work. Would highly recommended.
5.00 Gretchen Eliott Devenport 88713 null
5.00 Shirley Wrigley Panmure 78951 Thank you Harry, polite, friendly, understood all my problems and concerns and most important made me feel safe with my computer
5.00 John [Elite Financial Services] Howick 37353 What fantastic fast efficient service you guys provide.
5.00 Bill Kilgallon Birkenhead 33536 Very prompt response. IT Support Engineer arrived at the time. Very helpful man. Good service allround
5.00 Corinne Olsen Blockhouse Bay 58738 Wish I had called you sooner!
4.75 Nigel Williams West Harbour 51907 null
5.00 Karyn Tattersfield [Social Effect Ltd] Westmere 45433 Thank you - great service and very professional.
4.75 Twist Creative Ltd (Rob Speirs) Auckland 45631 Harry was very good, worked through the potental issues and resolved a hardware fault all on the one visit.
5.00 Lynda Smith Royal Oak 72128 null
5.00 Lindy Slater Dairy Flat 20812 I wanted to say a big thank you to your company for the service we received for this booking. You were able to book the same day, even though it was 8.30 pm and Harry who came was very professional and efficient. We have always used Geeks on Wheels but they could not see us until Saturday and they certainly were not as proficient as your company.Thank you very much! Cheers Lindy
5.00 John Slaven Takapuna 96929 Very happy with Harry, efficient and very helpful
4.75 Credos Consultants Ltd Ponsonby 92200 null
5.00 Everall Deans Newton 62014 Friendly & flexible staff (especially when collecting & dropping off item)
5.00 David Puddephatt Hillsborough 46736 Good service
4.75 Elizabeth Ellis Birkenhead 21147 null
4.75 Owm Ltd (Bill Bates) Mirangi Bay 74237 null
5.00 Sharon Morgan Papakura 49004 technician was really lovely,,well dressed, very informative, spoke to me in plain language which was great as I am technology challenged. Put my mind at ease.
4.25 BG Ellison Titirangi 91326 null
4.75 Rikki McGregor Belmont 98702 Excellent service
5.00 Schickedanz Famiky Trust (Kathertine Wichman) Castor Bay 31823 Harry was on time and a really nice guy, he was knowledgeable and an expert in his field, I’m glad I got in contact, thanks so much!
5.00 Margaret Aspinaall Massey 43909 I would just like to say thank you Harry was prompt and professional, this was much appreciated and I will definitely call Expert Geeks in the future Thank you
5.00 Wg Nix Papakura 64931 null
4.50 Paulette Perry Henderson 87519 null
4.75 Mark Murphy Orewa 80920 null
4.75 Cedric Wilson Whitford 82401 I thought Harry was very good at listening to what we had to say and did not mind if he had to tell us twice
4.75 Milford Baptist Church Milford 62700 null
5.00 Sher Foley-lovelock Mt Eden 35138 I was very impressed with the prompt and reliable service which Harry provided.
5.00 Patricia Hirst Hillcrest 20802 Overall a fantastic service would recommend to friends
5.00 Chris Sinclair Glen Eden 31149 null
5.00 Peter mcnee Forest Hill 39311 null
5.00 Ansam Ganim Henderson 87350 Thank you for the excellent service.
5.00 Sarsfield Engineering Ltd Mangere 63135 null
5.00 Peter Davidson Papakura 77729 Work was carried out to a very professional standard. Thank you.
4.00 Patricia Hirst Hillcrest 27634 Fantastic service, all my questions were answered by Harry who tried his best to sort my problem with computer. Felt confident in him and would recommend your service .
5.00 Sylvia Buskin St Marys Bay 70816 null
5.00 Anthony Bullock Ellerslie 26330 null
5.00 Barfoot Built Ltd (Greg) Meadowbank 76050 null
5.00 Kiwi Jet Ski (Denise) Maraetai 45748 null
4.75 Terence Brown St Heliers 37400 Harry, was very efficient, we are happy with the service.
5.00 kevin Kellow Auckland 68155 null
5.00 Joe Sterling Takapuna 62229 null
4.75 Shane Mckillen Remuera 66445 null
5.00 kevin Kellow Auckland 89259 null
5.00 Horse & Trap (Paula) Mt Eden 46425 Harry is great and will now officially be our IT guy with regard to all/any issues computer related. Thanks
5.00 Gerda Freeth Greenlane 93842 null
5.00 Mary Kirk Northcote 58421 Was very impressed with Harry
5.00 Waynewood (Ebon) Titirangi 50549 null
4.75 Wayne Dowd New Lynn 28657 Quick with service, very happy with the work done
4.75 Christine Craddock Birkenhead 77214 null
5.00 GM Randell Partnership Dannemora 73839 null
4.75 Richard Darke Devenport 33749 null
4.75 Bruce Elainefisher Sandringham 41759 null
5.00 Paul Ockwell Henderson 35949 null
5.00 Lori Dungey Glen Eden 78410 null
4.25 Murray Blade West Harbour 78315 null
5.00 Carole Hutchinson Mission Bay 91423 Always extremely satisfied Harry solved all the problems !! Very quickly Thankyou
5.00 Tania Stoyanof Auckland CBD 85842 null
4.50 Richard Davison Albany 35445 Harry is easy going and good to get on with. Seemed very competent.
4.75 Bomi Kapadia Botany 46107 Just keep up the good work..
5.00 Denise Heieson Royal Oak 97853 Thank you for your prompt service as I only phoned an hour before Harry was here. Very polite person as well. Cheers Denise.
4.50 Credos Consultants Ltd Ponsonby 71801 null
4.50 Joan Diamond Remuera 58549 null
5.00 Training Corp (kerry) Massey 72510 Great service, Excellent Technician was able to explain the problem and was also able to show me the way to overcome the problem
4.75 Issabel Williams West harbour 67941 No concerns, very happy with the service, many thanks to all concerned
4.50 Michael Cowie Mairangi Bay 61725 good service pleasant guy
5.00 Peter mcnee Forest Hill 69342 null
5.00 Trevor Bodger Pakuranga 24927 He was very patient with us as we arent computor litterate ar all. Great asset to your company
5.00 Jacky Greig West Harbour 58454 Harry does a good job. Knows his stuff and doesnt waste time. Excellent service. Many thanks.
4.00 Peter Turner Ellerslie 79450 null
4.50 Easyroll Roofing Ltd Albany 33856 Very helpful with good recommendation for future improvements
4.75 Kenneth Scot New Lynn 52730 Harry was extremely efficient and courteous. and offered advice about several tech problems for me. It is because of Harry that I will be using Expert Geeks as my preferred go to tech backup.
5.00 Fiona Freeman Sandeingham 87418 null
4.75 Prospectus (Denise Civil) Mt Eden 35352 One work missing from question 3 was accommodationg. Thank you for deling with me promptly today.
4.50 Lori Dungey Glen Eden 20445 He was patient and did everything that I had wanted to get done so great. Thanks.
5.00 Christine Petersan Parnell 42302 null
4.50 Nicki Sumicz Devenport 76016 null
5.00 Val Brown Forest Hill 62007 Harry was very polite and explained things well.
5.00 Colleen Balfour Calderwood Close 72152 Harry is great to deal with.
5.00 Amanda White Papakura 43113 Harry is a credit to your company. Kind regards Amanda White
4.75 Ian Wilson Northcote 30523 null
5.00 Stephen Rowan Mt Roskill 97722 good job...problem fixed
4.50 Pat Horner Howick 34012 Thank you for letting me know that the engineer would be arriving later than originally quoted, much appreciated.
4.00 Ray Nicholls Auckland Cbd 75327 null
5.00 Jacky Greig West Harbour 22436 Very impressed with timekeeping. Harry arrived at stated times and machine was fixed within the given time. Excellent service
4.75 John Powell Ranui 47446 Thank you for the prompt courteous and reliable service.
5.00 Doban Media Ltd Orakei 61028 Very helpful service, prompt and on-time.
5.00 David Tompkins Onehunga 95132 null
5.00 A C Abercrombia Mission Bay 60405 null
5.00 N S McCook Electrical Mirangi Bay 42501 null
4.50 Maxine Warner Kohimarama 20559 Fantastic service - harry was here within an hour of me calling. He was straightforward and sorted my problems very quickly with no fuss. What a relief!
5.00 Healthy Communications (Susie Hill) Westmere 94429 I love your service.
5.00 Auckland Polo Club (Jan) Clevedon 88728 Harry was amazing he deserves a bonus
4.50 Caroline List Mt Eden 25449 null
5.00 Sharon Head West Harbour 28008 I was pleased with how quickly he could come, and he was very prompt. It turned out to be fairly quick so he didn\'t charge me for the full hour. Even though it couldn\'t be fixed, I was happy with the service and his advice.
4.00 Tim Pollard Bucklands Beach 93549 Thanks
5.00 Kathryn Mason St Heliers 27723 Harry was very professional and helpful. The computer was returned on time. Great service.
5.00 Eric Goodhew Orewa 60746 very easy to follow. ensured i understood procedures, good advice. thanks will use again if and when necessary
4.00 Max Sky Forest Hill 78403 Efficient, knowledgeable, polite, gentleman.
5.00 George Hawkins Papakura 72132 null
5.00 Judy Cowie Coatesville 91248 null
5.00 Wendy Knight St John 62340 Harry was professional and personable and went the extra mile to make sure that I received my computer back asap. I am very happy with the service and would definitely recommend Expert Geeks.
5.00 Michael Cosier Silverdale 35645 null
5.00 Jo beaven Mt Eden 63438 null
5.00 David Tompkins Onehunga 38258 Very happy with service !
4.50 Graeme sullivan Flat Bush 62849 null
5.00 Lisa Giachino Epsom 92122 null
5.00 Richard Darke Devenport 36623 Harry came very promptly, and in fixing our problem he was very polite and patient. It was much appreciated.
5.00 Annette Grant Highkand Park 53946 null
4.25 Dave Stephens Albany 67448 null
5.00 Cath Hart Glendene 24102 Great service and Harry is very professional. I would highly recommend you.
4.00 Peter Frost Onehunga 39056 Disappointed at the outcome - but that is more a technical issue beyond help. Technician was efficient, friendly and courteous and offered further advice. Wish more could have been done over phone to diagnose but overall a reasonable service.
4.75 Owen Williams St heliers 64823 null
5.00 Graham Sheddan Torbay 30718 Here within a hour of calling. Very happy
4.00 Kaler Lorier Albany 48020 Very friendly and useful service. Excellent customer service.Harry was excellent at explaining what was wrong and how to prevent the problem in the future.
5.00 Carol (Castor Bay Contractors) Castor Bay 92501 Was very happy with Harry - he was very pleasant and professional.
4.75 Gary Myers Milford 75055 Technician was very good to deal with
5.00 Agnes Harmath Pakuranga 63621 Harry was very quick to respond, communicated throughout the process. I\'m satisfied with the job and advice he gave us. Very professional and convenient service for a better price than I expected. I\'d use them again.
5.00 Geoff Worger Takapuna 89004 null
4.00 Addit Embrodiery Henderson 75135 null
4.50 Jan Beaumont Greenlane 54743 Very nice to meet Harry and he explained everything to me in case I had trouble again so I knew what to look for.
4.50 Ron Judd Mt Eden 93442 null
5.00 Issabel Williams West harbour 89913 Harry is a very nice young man was well able to solve the issue I had with my computer, was also able to give good advice regarding future problems. Many thanks to Harry and Expert Geeks for their help.
5.00 Dianne Nichols Ketston 66206 A very nice young man, prompt, pleasant and efficient. Thank you for saving the remains of my sanity, Harry. Much appreciated. Dianne.
4.50 Prolabs Ellerslie 74120 null
4.75 John Fitzgerald Takapuna 76013 null
5.00 Mark Thomlinson Remuera 95358 null
5.00 Simon Tass Glendene 78633 Harry has been to my house twice this year . He is not only a personable person , but he is very patient and informative and thorough. I am very impressed with his ability and customer service
4.75 Carole Bates Mt Roskill 28209 null
5.00 Joshna Soma Otahuhu 41458 null
4.75 Leonie Pou Glen Eden 88601 Yes Harry certainly knows his stuff.....very appreciative and grateful for Harry getting my computer up and running again... Thank you Harry
5.00 Iwona St John 54236 Harry was just great, knew exactly what he was doing and what needed to be done to get my laptop efficient again! He went above and beyond to help my technologically disadvantaged self! Thanks Harry!
4.50 Infusion Skin Body Green Bay 36238 null
5.00 Judith Stewart One Tree Hill 61757 Harry was a friendly helpful guy.Very pleased to have met him.
4.50 Michael Woodhams Rosedale 70446 Harry was very professional but I thought the hourly rate was a little high.
5.00 Phil Mills Builder Ltd Flat Bush 43522 Harry S was very polite, presented himself well and explained matters in a way I could understand.
4.00 Nina Naika Massey 48743 null
4.75 Lucy’s Dog Grooming Ltd St John 23226 Harry was great, very efficient service, thank you
4.75 Chandler Contracting Ltd Albany 79332 null
5.00 Rob Flannagan Herne Bay 97047 Very professional
5.00 Peter Ruka Ranui 31422 good service
4.75 Fran Cahill Ellerslie 26246 Big thanks for prompt and efficient service.
5.00 Mike Dubey Shelly Park 31203 The service is all I could ask for
5.00 Michael (Diamond on Richmond) Grey Lynn 97535 Great service.. our issue was fixed very quickly! I highly recommend Expert Geeks!
4.00 Janine Hawkins Rothesay Bay 56146 On time, rang to confirm appointment. Explained everything really well. Great service thank you.
4.00 Lh Olsen Unsworth Height 60749 AAA+ Service I am very happy service
4.75 Armstrong and Wolfe Ltd Howick 80100 null
5.00 Lindsay Matthews (Champion Motors) Otahuhu 66111 null
4.75 Christine Petersan Parnell 72001 null
4.75 Cascade Leggett Westmere 98534 null
5.00 David Aiken Onehunga 81246 null
5.00 Susan Milnes Remuera 46631 null
5.00 Mike Angland St Heliers 94813 An Excellent Service.
5.00 Frank (Kitchen Perfections Drury 67949 Good job, thanks a lot
5.00 Tania Halpin Sunnynook 75058 Harry was awesome to deal with and very patient with me. Thanks.
4.50 Jill St Marys Bay 48214 null
4.75 Mary McKegg Remuera 42355 Thank you
4.50 Max Goode New Market 23815 Harry was a very good representative for your company and is a very good operator
5.00 Isabella Lealiifano Mangere 65754 null
4.50 Stacey Queen Street 33514 null
4.25 Mary Dickson Browns Bay 32304 null
5.00 Ae Coppock Point Chev 65656 Will recommend to friends
4.50 Dave Papatoetoe 44425 null
5.00 Russell Finnemore Whenuapai 99231 The guy Harry was a very pleasant person, listened well to my situation and was able to come up with a very good solution.
4.25 Shoots First Production Ltd Takapuna 90507 My only issue was that the technician arrived 45 minutes early and I wasn\'t there, which - even though he said he was happy to wait - meant I felt rushed in a meeting I was at prior to the appointment.
4.50 Jed Weiland Property Ltd Pakuranga 78812 null
5.00 Darren Cameron Howick 75149 null

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