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Every customer is invited to fill out a short survey after completion of job. Below are some latest responses from our customers.

Rating out of 5 Customer Suburb jobid What they say
4.50 Simran Kaur Flat Bush 20204 null
5.00 Christine Abel Remuera 55017 Harry was very professional and polite... Thank you Christine
4.50 Rhys Jones Glen Eden 50315 null
5.00 Joachim Sante Green Bay 51834 Simply magic
5.00 Suzanne Hardy Mt Albert 98754 Very happy with the service. Harry was easy to communicate with and made sure I understood the issues needing to be addressed.
5.00 Peter mcnee Forest Hill 87954 null
4.25 Ben Kersten Onehunga 78741 null
4.50 Paul Lowe Papatoetoe 96340 null
5.00 Grace Foundation Solutions (Richard) Greenhithe 65148 null
4.00 Rosie Belton 75532 This,was an amazing service . Far exceeded my expectations. Thank you
4.00 Barry Parker Eden Terrace 76931 Could of been cheaper . Especially for pensioner
4.50 Paul young Henderson 77819 null
5.00 Mark Gordon Auckland CBD 65608 null
5.00 Jenny Mentzer Parnell 85357 I was impressed with the quick service. Rang at 1pm and Harry was here by 2.20pm. Gave me options and recommendations of what to do next. Thank you.
4.50 Allison Shephard Birkdale 89912 I have but wont say
4.75 Dee Twiss Ponsonby 52629 null
4.50 Fox Properties Larchwood Trust (Linda) St Lukes 64940 null
5.00 Pauline Roberts Orakei 43657 Thanks Harry for sorting out my Onedrive issues
5.00 Pauline Roberts Orakei 81606 Very efficient service, thanks
5.00 Jenny Collins New Lynn 75638 Thanks Harry you did a great job. and with the time spent explaining to me how to use my new laptop
5.00 Kathleen Platt East Tamaki 75346 Always professional and curtious
5.00 Jenny Collins New Lynn 45931 null
4.75 Pauline Chaimowitz St Heliers 50837 null
5.00 Ann Marie Grey Lynn 59128 Great service and especially helpful when my PC crashes.
4.75 Maxine Properties (Francis) Swanson 66045 null
4.25 Jan Garvan Herne Bay 81725 The technician seemed very professional -The only thing I would say is that I would have thought that if you pay by the hour you could expect tuition on other aspects of the computer even if the tech side was addressed.
5.00 Trade Professionals NZ Ltd (Julie Malins) Greenhithe Auckland 47320 Efficient and pleased with the result
4.50 Lyn Henderson Point Chevalier 29122 As pensioners it is good to know that our query/request can be answered and we feel we are \"looked after\" so that gives us peace of mind.
4.50 Maxine Properties (Francis) Swanson 26854 null
5.00 John Harris Stonefields 31915 Harry called me back when he got home & remoted into my PC to work on my problem. I appreciated that he didn\'t put me off till the next day even though it was getting late & I\'m sure he would much rather have been having some family time. thanks.
5.00 Mary Routledge Albany 49421 I have been so frustrated about not having any email and apart from the time spent trying to solve the problem myself I have also had to spend a lot of time contacting businesses who send me monthly bills so I can get paper copies. In addition there were documents in my email that are related to my taxes - due soon. I have a great sense of relief that the problem was solved, and in such a short time.
5.00 Twincoast Ltd Kumeu 54124 null
5.00 Peter Neeve Hillsborough 26830 Harry arrived promptly and worked efficiently to fix my problem, while also carrying out a health check on my hard drives and advising me on how to speed up my computer. Many thanks.
5.00 Ian Wallace Milford 72353 Thank you
4.75 Mike Gaffaney Onehunga 68648 Harry was able to come early, diagnosed issue, installed the necessary driver and came back to assist with another platform newly installed. Top service and knowledge
5.00 Marlene Harsden Onehunga 28048 null
4.75 Graham Jackson Auckland 45000 Thanks for keeping your word aboiut everything
5.00 Paula Gibbs Huapai 78953 On start up my laptop didn\'t display a white screen (the reason for the visit) and fired up perfectly so Harry gave it a thorough health check looking for why it might have white screened before. He explained everything perfectly and now I know who I\'ll be asking to help if it should do it again.
5.00 Gael Thompson Auckland CBD 86712 Only to reiterate how satisfied o am with Harry
5.00 EMA Plus (Ash) Grafton 88435 Harry is great.
4.50 Mike Gaffaney Onehunga 96927 null
5.00 Richard Lumsden Auckland 50810 My technician was John. Great work. Thanks again.
5.00 Tricia Wilkinson Orakei 26954 Thank you so much for making my problem easily solved
5.00 Robert Gray Birkdale 63219 null
5.00 Fred Mintey Point Chevalier 57333 sincerest thanks Harry
4.00 Beverly Millar Pukekohe 71439 null
5.00 Jillian Jones Onehunga 99345 Harry fantastic, spoke clearly to us in “old” persons understanding, so good as this technology is hard for us to comprehend sometimes. Did so much more than we expected and had awesome advice too.
4.50 Tony Olsen Red Beach 77722 null
5.00 Juliet Dillon Orewa 64030 Very calm & knowledgeable, able to explain procedures in simple steps.
4.75 PL Consultancy Ltd Epsom 20811 Harry was very helpful
5.00 Shore power Services (James) Orakei 25425 null
5.00 Tim Peoples Waiake 89407 null
4.75 Dora Green Remuera 70445 Thank you for your quick response and to Harry who efficiently sorted the computer firewall problem.
4.00 Victor Wardle Mangere 77352 When told of your coming I was told 10:00 am & I should have been told between 10:00 & 10:30. When one is anxious the non arrive at the said time means the technician is not coming! A little little matter for you, somewhat big for me.
5.00 Pamela Putland Opaheke 85613 Good firm to deal with.
5.00 Derek Pullen Auckland CBD 41039 I am impressed with the quick service and the expertise in finding a fix. Thank you!
5.00 CJM Consulting (Chris) Murrays Bay 67238 null
4.75 Stuart Anderson Onehunga 89803 null
5.00 Peter mcnee Forest Hill 64859 null
4.50 Holton Grace Stanmore Bay 85754 null
5.00 EMA Plus (Ash) Grafton 80600 Harry is Great!
5.00 Phil Hobden Birkenhead 40849 Excellent customer service - didn\'t make me look stupid and explained everything clearly and concisely. The work was done quickly and efficiently and I will definitely use you again.
5.00 Jane Heim Greenlane 82603 null
4.50 61734 null
4.50 Barry Whittle Massey 24730 null
4.50 Phil Perrott Dairy Flat 47719 nope. Good guy very efficient. Refused a mango lassee.
4.50 Antoni Czarniecki Te Atatu 73841 I have bought a new laptop and will need the Geeks to transfer my data from the old machine.
5.00 Noel Jones Chatswood 86445 Great service Had things up and running within a hour
4.75 Christine Ellis Sandringham 96505 Very pleasant helpful young man. Made an old lady feel not so much of an idiot. Many thanks Harry.
5.00 Jannette Milicich Stonefields 33632 null
4.00 Krishi Narayan Papakura 75302 null
4.50 Quinton Mairangi Bay 95943 null
4.75 MPM Investments Ltd (Mike Mcglone) Torbay 92527 FRIENDLY, COMPETENT SERVICE, THANK YOU
4.50 John Haslemore St Heliers 80538 null
5.00 Elija Lowndes Orakei 22624 null
4.00 Lester Fong Greenlane 20113 null
5.00 Edwina Jennings Onehunga 78322 null
5.00 Quentin Green Onehunga 99921 null
4.75 Bridget Wilson Auckland CBD 80440 Bit expensive but good job. Communication could’ve been better at end ie time of drop off
5.00 Vanessa Hills Auckland CBD 72115 null
5.00 Michael Stone Henderson 66633 your service was quick and you came when you said that you would.
4.00 Steve Byrne Otahuhu 89331 Leaving town so although Harry helped me out of a jam I don;t think he will be able to help me in my new home in Bay of Islands. Nice bloke though. Thanks, Steve.
4.00 George Hawkins Papakura 74558 null
5.00 Forte Investigations (Andrew Barnard) Onehunga 60005 Harry was great to deal with and I appreciated the quick response to my service request, especially at this time of year. Many thanks.
5.00 Tony Knight Freemans Bay 67305 No
4.75 Joan Thompson Newmarket 92816 null
5.00 Kaler Lorier Albany 93819 Really appreciated that Harry realised that I needed my computer by Sunday and delivered on Saturday. That\'s great service.
5.00 Barbara Garard Remuera 34945 null
4.50 Peter mcnee Forest Hill 60605 null
4.50 Russell Goulden Howick 92849 Harry has been very helpful, I prefer to deal with just one person
4.50 Stephaine Bailey Browns Bay 99118 I was surprised at the hourly Rate. I still kept the appointment though.
5.00 Paul Martin Mangere 22959 null
5.00 Francine Cappon Castor Bay 70648 null
5.00 Daniel Addison Remuera 67547 Thank you Harry for fixing my computer.
5.00 Michael Moynahan Onehunga 88852 null
4.00 John Harris Stonefields 62706 I\'m going to use Harry for a job in the new year. Thanks. John Harris
5.00 EMA Plus (Ash) Grafton 98151 Harry is the best. Thank you. Regards Ash
5.00 David Smith Panmure 42458 Re Q 6, I hope I don\'t have need of your services again, but it does inspire confidence to know that you are there if it goes wrong.
4.50 Anne Kane Titirangi 43359 null
4.25 Russell Goulden Howick 87014 Ask me the jobs are completed
5.00 Selwyn Carroll Orewa 45124 Very satisfied with advice that Harry gave us regarding that we had bought a new computer, but it had old techno,ogy, hence going slow.
5.00 Banaba Haurua Mt Roskill 27642 Great service and Harry was very happy to explain in words I could understand what was happening
4.75 Marten Bearda Takanini 28216 great friendly service ,
5.00 Shonagh Lindsay Onehunga 22016 null
4.75 Hoskin Builders (Wayne) Riverhead 94736 null
5.00 Trish Maurray Albany 66017 null
5.00 Ann Marie Grey Lynn 43808 null
5.00 Brett Takapuna 20334 null
4.00 Jenny Gilchrist Takapuna 71224 null
5.00 George Hawkins Papakura 83739 null
4.25 Shannon Lowry Takanini 90343 null
5.00 Simon Tass Glendene 99040 Harry is excellent , informative , always helpful and reliable . He has a very good knowledge of IT areas and services
4.75 Bernard Scahill Remuera 48229 null
5.00 David Smith Panmure 23214 Just good to know if I get into trouble ,these guys will fix it. What a relief.
5.00 Ruth Boere Henderson 50942 null
5.00 Michael Moynahan Onehunga 54245 null
5.00 Denise Bourdot Green Bay 79035 Harry was courteous, helpful, knowledgeable, didn\'t treat me like an idiot and even asked if he should take his shoes off. Thank you so much. Denise
4.00 Joachim Sante Green Bay 74508 Keep doing what you are doing
4.25 Kane Silcock Cockle Bay 87332 Was told that the tech would be on site between 12 and 1pm, did not hear anything and the tech showed up at 1.30, would have been great for a text message letting us know he was running late. Did a great job while here.
4.50 James Ahmu Mt Eden 61422 null
4.00 Doug Coward Weymouth 92747 Harry has made two service calls and has sorted everything. Recommend!
5.00 Jennifer Hoadley Titirangi 43443 null
5.00 Chris Reid Parnell 24452 Harry is a genius
5.00 Karla Martin One Tree Hill 41647 Harry was great. Didn’t treat me like an idiot when I asked questions which I always appreciate. 😊
4.75 Sauerbier Engineering Ltd ( Linda Sauerbier) Glen Eden 90739 null
4.50 Bev Birch School of Dance Glendene 78154 null
5.00 Robert Forrester Botany 42019 Harry is a very knowledgeable and helpful guy. He explains nicely to this old man. We have used his services before and will definitely use him again.
4.25 Avette Kelly Avondale 82011 null
5.00 Chris Ward Farm Cove 82753 null
5.00 Adrienne Bartle Mission Bay 95609 Thanks for being readily available and helpful Harry - even on the weekend!!
5.00 Terence Brown St Heliers 30244 👍😊😊😊👍
4.75 Glenis Penney Devenport 93534 null
5.00 Peter Daymond Orewa 31050 Very pleasant and well mannered A great job done ✅ Thank you Peter & Linda, OREWA.
5.00 Bob Cox West Harbour 86848 Very good service once again. Harry was very good and extremely helpful, even setting up my new printer for me. Explained everything. That\'s what customer service is all about. Thanks guys .
4.50 Gordon\'s Pedorthics NZ (Eugene) Henderson 89241 null
5.00 Ian Fistonich Henderson 76946 great technical knowledge, no fuss, fantastic reliable service
5.00 Gaylene Rua Onehunga 96407 Great service team, the technician was here at the exact time I was expecting them , harry was pleasant polite and solved my issue very quickly
4.50 Patricia Waretini Panmure 79852 null
5.00 Ian Fistonich Henderson 39512 Fantastic service great knowledge
5.00 Monique Grbic Massey 61548 I was so impressed with Harry. He was such a helpful, experienced, wonderful person to deal with. He was able to assist me with all my needs. Just awesome. All I can say is thank you so much.
5.00 Brian Glaum Oteha valley 88843 Harry was very professional to deal with.
4.50 Aubrey Jackson Ellerslie 33354 we felt it was quite expensive but overall satisfied
4.75 Sten Douglas Massey 80948 Very professional and helpful have recommended to our village newsletter that comment.
5.00 Ian Worthy Henderson 26842 Harry was very efficient in everything he did. New hard drive installed and set up in one day, all working perfectly. Thanks.
4.75 John Guerin Null 95837 null
5.00 Barry Whittle Massey 21316 null
4.00 Marlene Harsden Onehunga 22557 Just to say that Harry is very patient and informative when it comes to answering questions in a way that the computer jargon is easy to understand,
4.00 Ben Kersten Onehunga 23059 Happy with new pc performance
4.75 Sonya Ranchhod Hobsonville 35339 null
5.00 Imogen Duff Avondale 71329 Thank you Harry for fixing what I thought was an impossible job! Very grateful would highly recommend!
4.75 Jaishri Kalyan Remuera 31927 null
4.75 Mercy Missions Trust Glenbrook 23654 Thank You
5.00 Dean Buckeridge New Market 38037 Harry was brilliant, a pleasure to deal with
4.00 EMA Plus (Ash) Grafton 70042 null
5.00 Sui Teo Null 22510 i\'ve commented on email, conveying my appreciation and thank you to you, and especially to Harry the technician who attended to my computer. thank you very much indeed. God bless sui
5.00 The Adaptive Yogi Birkdale 99213 null
5.00 Pamela Hill Mt Albert 96503 null
4.50 Marg Dorrington Meadowbanks 72103 null
5.00 Outsource Recruitment Ltd Mt Albert 22443 null
5.00 Richard Webster Shamrock Park 73705 null
4.75 Laura Holder Mellons Bay 87926 null
5.00 Murray Blade West Harbour 65015 Harry was excellent and explained everything in easy to understand terms for use none computer geeks. Highly recommend Expert Geeks.
5.00 Rob Nottingham Kaukapakapa 39041 null
5.00 Bowers Brothers Concrete Ltd St John 41819 null
4.75 Alan McCullough Grey Lynn 21637 null
5.00 Christopher Harrop Hobsonville Point 35251 After seeking advice on the faults Harry arrived on time and listened to what we had described -and fault finded very quickly and came up with a resolution very quickly .Thanks Harry -great expertise and work Chris and Nicola
5.00 Gardner Road Kindergarten (Karen Day) Epsom 89602 Very happy with service provided and completed job, thanks.
5.00 Kenstow Builder (Marie) Glendowie 51527 Harry was very personable, professional and efficient. I felt very comfortable having him in my home and would recommend him to friends who had any IT issues.
4.75 Jocelyn watts Meadowbanks 41245 null
4.75 Raewynne Zaloum Manurewa 76447 Thank you for the prompt service. Will recommend Harry any time.
4.00 Alice Waenga Null 48544 The problem with my computer was resolved. However, I had to update a driver to use my USB.
5.00 Marie Morvan Kumeu 50042 Harry was right on time and help me solve issues on my laptop and provided answers to my questions , would definitely reccomend.
5.00 EMA Plus (Ash) Grafton 26415 Harry is great, outcome focused and get the job done.
4.00 Michael Wildash Mt Eden 40346 null
4.50 Roy Thomas Hillsbrough 93554 I enjoyed the time spent with Harry.
5.00 Bill Webster Takapuna 45547 Very satisfied with the quick response to my initial call and the speedy end result
5.00 Michael Wildash Mt Eden 88144 null
5.00 Rod Harry Swanson 51712 null
5.00 Mike Moylan Northcross 55615 Great job, quick. Service man was very polite, well mannered. Thanks
5.00 Milford Hair Design Milford 57124 null
5.00 Rob Nottingham Kaukapakapa 53409 Harry the technician was extremely helpful and fixed the problem quickly and efficiently. I will recommend him to my colleagues.
5.00 EMA Plus (Ash) Grafton 65844 null
5.00 RJW Consulting Ltd (Rohan) Point Chev 80652 Great work. Extremely satisfied.
5.00 Desley Emslie Null 86022 Just to say thank you Harry for your helpfulness and kindness to an oldie. Very appreciated.
4.75 PL Consultancy Ltd Null 31841 All good
4.50 Kathryn Grant Blockhouse Bay 41258 null
4.75 Ron Huston Auckland CBD 43613 null
4.50 Harry Geertshuis (Vantage RV Ltd) Silverdale 47828 null
4.25 Anne Shirley Panmure 54811 null
4.00 Suzanne Lynch Bayswater 58329 Harry was amazing .. he sorted everything out very well and with a great friendly attitude..I would certainly use him again
4.75 Graham Henry Parnell 24832 null
5.00 Lester Fong Greenlane 47209 null
5.00 Elzet Jordaan Manager Bridge 58720 null
5.00 Addit Embrodiery Henderson 93328 null
5.00 Murrey Dearlove Beach Haven 78253 friendly and very patient
5.00 Sher Foley-lovelock Mt Eden 46621 null
5.00 Les Turnbull Glendowie 59213 null
5.00 Jack Ricketts Papatoetoe 45824 Harry was extra helpful job well done
5.00 Louise Millar Ellerslie 58420 null
5.00 Gerard Rooijakkers Titirangi 73522 thanks for helping me out quickly. Much appreciated Gerard
4.75 William Purcell Auckland 26725 Harry was v friendly and helpful trying to sort my issues as well as finding places to meet to pick up n drop off unit. If any issues in the future will use these guys for sure.
5.00 Carole Hutchinson Mission Bay 70122 null
5.00 Sandra Audley Ponsonby 20951 null
5.00 Miriam Dunningham Glendowie 36609 I was absolutely amazed at the quick response. Harry was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient and satisfactorily fixed everything. I am very pleased with the service.
5.00 Znanka Lunjevich Glenden 42000 Very happy with the professionalism displayed. Thank you Harry.
4.50 Home Advantage Ltd Albany 35453 Harry is great and goes the extra mile to help me. I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.
5.00 Jane Heim Greenlane 21231 Harry was capable, knowledgeable ,polite and very good at his job
5.00 Lester Fong Greenlane 40036 null
4.25 Matthew Abel Herne Bay 66107 null
4.00 Pam Henry Westmere 39124 Thanks for great service
5.00 Michal Boyd Mt Albert 94819 null
4.75 Pam Henry Westmere 49030 Harry has understood what I needed and responded with setting up well. Thanks Pam
5.00 Theodora Hinton Swanson 77148 null
5.00 Louise Millar Ellerslie 59926 Harry was excellent, thank you for your prompt response
5.00 Ray Kingston Remuera 79718 null
5.00 Graham Lewis Hobsonville 83120 null
4.75 Rodney & Wayne Ormiston Flat Bush 62040 null
5.00 Auckland Gas Fitting Ltd Ponsonby 21325 Again, Harry has done wonders, thanks to your team for the quick professional service - Frances/Alan Watkins
5.00 John Harris Stonefields 50739 null
5.00 Robert Cosham Unsworth Heights 60751 Harry was awesome
4.50 Mark Gordon Auckland CBD 48137 null
4.50 Mark Gordon Auckland CBD 71721 null
5.00 David Clemmett Ponsonby 79318 null
4.75 Kay Hegan Stonefield 79108 null
4.75 Myrene New Lynn 75554 Harry came to mee in January 2021 and now again today for a new problem !! He is fiendly and clear in explanations
5.00 Nicola Brent Northcote Point 95652 Harry was great -- he got to the issue quickly; he offered options and associated costs; made recommendations and kept to time frames and delivery. Spinning wheel of death is no more. Awesome. Thank you.
4.75 Les Turnbull Glendowie 97129 I felt badly about not using my regular company (Geeks on Wheels) which was because I couldn\'t get them on the phone at the exact moment I panicked about getting my problem fixed. Quite happy now though.
5.00 Ruth Boere Henderson 74115 null
5.00 Jewellery Expressions Limited (Neville) Manukau 38158 null
5.00 Lorraine Franklin West Harbour 64706 null
4.75 Graham Codyre Gardens 72858 null
4.00 Chris Greer Torbay 76017 null
4.75 Ron Huston Auckland CBD 44534 null
5.00 Sharon Hohaia Hillcrest 87918 Very friendly, helpful and easy to deal with!
5.00 Marcia Bowler Auckland CBD 92345 null
4.00 Jeanette mallinson Kohimarama 57912 Excellent communication by Harry
4.75 Barry Williamson Campbells Bay 58522 Harry turned up exactly on time... quickly analysed the issues and clearly and succinctly went about the fix. The main issue was an (embarrassingly) simple solution, but he took the time to review the Wi-Fi connections and provided advice as to what connection to utilise.
5.00 Marcia Paine Henderson 98146 It is reassuring to have this service available.
4.75 Kevin Smith Papatoetoe 68821 Responsive, operate 7 days a week. My problem was on a Sunday, call answered, technician came the same day and resolved the problem. No surcharges for weekend response.
5.00 Phil Shelley Papatoetoe 49523 Harry was excellent - very professional, polite, helpful and efficient! We will definitely use your services again and will be recommending you to all our friends and family. Many thanks for you lightening quick response, home visit and repair. Thank you soooo much!
4.50 Myrene New Lynn 24422 I responded on seperate request from you re technician
5.00 Lorraine Smith Herne Bay 77116 Thank you Harry. Lorraine and Barry Smith
5.00 Peter Neeve Hillsborough 85733 Harry came promptly and sorted my problem for me. Thanks very much.
5.00 Alex Whisman Massey 42730 Harry was great - friendly, professional and helpful. He explained things in a way we could easily understand & let us know our options for setting up our new router. Thank you for the service!
5.00 Jim Isaac Papatoetoe 47156 Harry was always the professional, pleasant and very helpful, communicating and letting us know what he was about to do and why. Didn\'t belittle us for being computer illiterate or make us feel stupid. Very happy to see Harry again.
4.75 Phil Cowan Sunnyvale 74217 null
5.00 Bootleg design Mt Eden 78620 Fabulous professional service with very good advice.
5.00 Adrienne Walters Onehunga 38534 Very happy to have found a reliable company to take care of our computer and digital items. Harry is very professional and delivers great customer service. Thank you
5.00 Andrew Divich Te Atatu South 55329 Could not fault the service.From the time of initial call re the breakdown of the computer, had the replaced hard drive back and all in top working order in 24 hours.Did not have to leave the property.
5.00 Richard Webster Shamrock Park 43758 null
5.00 Katie Lockhart Hillcrest 32327 null
5.00 Mandy Siitia Avondale 85402 null
4.50 Mike Silverman Ellerslie 47220 null
5.00 Lorraine Smith Herne Bay 59908 Yes Please ignore my earlier email. The fault was mine. I have apologised to Harry for putting the wrong time in my diary and I am glad that he is going to continue to look after us. Can you please foward this to Harry Yours sincerely Lorraine Smith
5.00 Linda Casey West Harbour 81550 The technician that helped me was wonderful and knowledgeable - would definitely use again even though it was a bad outcome 🤣
5.00 Reha-Care Pro NZ LTD Glen Innes 31748 null
4.00 Chris Ward Farm Cove 41502 Harry was very patient and thorough. Great to deal with and communicated well Thanks Harry
5.00 Maggie Jakob\'hoff Grey Lynn 72430 I love GoW, the guys are knowledgable, efficient. Furthermore, they never make me feel like an idiot. Thank you.
4.75 Clifton Holdings Ltd (David Marshall) Mt Albert 66836 null
5.00 Made Homes Ltd (Adrienne Hulme) Stonefield 96254 null
5.00 Jewellery Expressions Limited (Neville) Manukau 71304 Nice guy to deal with.
5.00 Humes Door & Timber Ltd (James) Manukau 89144 null
5.00 Miles Barsony Takapuna 25340 Fantastic service both on the phone and by Harry on site. Really Happy 😃
4.50 Mary-Jane Mumford Freemans Bay 82939 null
4.50 Peter Krafft Onehunga 30430 null
5.00 St Lukes Foot Clinic Sandringham 23807 Happy to reccommend Harry to others.
5.00 Glen Tyler Massey 25943 Harry was extremely polite, very efficient, and related quietly and calmly and was most helpful.
4.75 Margrate Reidy Westmere 76448 null
5.00 L.Darrow Industries Ltd (Frank) Onehunga 66519 Thanks Harry, good advice, good job. Thank you. I\'ll book you next time when needed. Cherrs.
4.50 Jim Pretorius Greenhithe 51542 Is it necessary to scan in my Visa Card as well as 3 digits on back of card? Can you please delete info. Please reply that it has been done. Thanks, Jim.
4.75 Peter Neeve Hillsborough 40825 Thanks very much for fitting me in between other appointments, life saver :)
5.00 Barbara Cooper Panmure 26738 We appreciate the quick response and the efficient service.
4.75 Thelma Ashton Papakura 92941 null
4.50 PL Consultancy Ltd Null 94340 null
4.50 Gerard Titirangi 28638 Liked the pre-call announcement that Harry was 5 minutes away. Like timely service.
4.50 Easyroll Roofing Ltd Albany 31633 null
5.00 Jo Painter Mangere Bridge 83324 null
4.75 Noel Browne Kohimarama 29228 null
5.00 Lynne Grant St John 70406 Harry was very very good as he was dealing with a difficult elderly man whom at 81 years has only just got a mobile phone !!!!!!
5.00 Bryce Filleul Papatoetoe 76819 Many thanks for your prompt professional service that I doubt I would find from any other provider.
5.00 Jayna Lala Mt Eden 42327 null
4.75 Grant Leach Rrmuera 60807 null
5.00 Lorraine Smith Herne Bay 96738 Thank you for the excellent service in re-connecting us to the Internet and for agreeing to be our IT specialist in the future. Harry did a superb job and was very kind and pleasant
5.00 Divya Nul 63826 Amazing service. Fast reliable and cost effective. Would definitely recommend others.
5.00 Richard Webster Shamrock Park 78326 Harry was wonderful. He was punctual, answered all my questions, and resolved my problem. I\'m very happy.
4.00 Pamela Putland Opaheke 47122 Great service. Highly recommended.
5.00 Blair Cloutman Birkenhead 67146 null
4.50 Barbara McArdle Sandringham 68734 Prompt service, very pleased that my laptop is fully functional again
5.00 Graham Crews Browns Bay 80634 Very pleased to have Harry\'s skills and explanations available to resolve my technology issues. Much appreciated.
5.00 Meagan Murphy Cockle Bay 40822 Harry is great. Thanks
4.50 Rob Kristen Remuera 75425 null
5.00 Fred Needham Albany 98626 null
4.50 Gwenda Lister Papakura 85816 very quick,knew his job,thank you
4.00 Bob Cox West Harbour 62346 Harry - Nice person. Very polite. Answered all the questions we had to our satisfaction. He listened to our version of the problems and acted accordingly. Thanks for your prompt help.
4.75 Graham Codyre Gardens 70348 null
5.00 DeSPA Cosmetics (John) Mirangi Bay 82256 null
5.00 DeSPA Cosmetics (John) Mirangi Bay 44008 Very happy with Harrys first visit, answered all my questions and listended to what the issues were. Was on time and had good susggestions.
5.00 Debbie Campbell Mt Eden 62732 null
5.00 Lynda Slaney Architect Ltd Oratia 81704 null
5.00 Mobile Hair Dresser (Tania) Massey 93316 No concerns at all. Very happy with the service received by Harry. Very prompt and extremely helpful. Have put telephone in my phone for future reference.

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