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Welcome to the Expert Geeks online store. Expert Geeks online store offers the most reliable range of quality refurbished computer equipment at a competitive price.

8 reasons for you to purchase your next refurbished computer and laptop from us:

FLEXIBILITY: Need to add more RAM or increase the Hard Drive capacity on your purchase? No problem, just let us know and our on-site expert geeks will fully customise your order to your exact specifications.

1 YEAR WARRANTY ON ALL SALES: To ensure you have piece of mind and confidence when purchasing from us we provide a 1 year warranty on every refurbished desktop computer, laptop and piece of equipment we sell.

OVER 4x FASTER: All our refurbished computers and laptops are in A-grade conditions and comes with solid state hard drives (SSDs) which makes them perform 4x faster than computers with standard mechanical hard drives.

QUALITY CONTROL: Our entire range of refurbished computers and laptops has been professionally refurbished, tested, repackaged and approved for resale to the manufacturer's standards.

GREAT PRICES: We buy bulk quantities from our suppliers which allows us to pass on the savings to you through our cheap everyday discount pricing on a huge range of used desktop computers and used laptops.

FREE NATIONWIDE SHIPPING: We offer free nationwide shipping on all orders with no minimum order value or quantity limitations.

MASSIVE SOFTWARE DISCOUNTS: You get massive discounts and deals on Antivirus, Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office 365 software applications when you buy a refurbished computer or laptop from us.

HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT: We are innovative in the ways we recycle computer equipment, assisting in the goal of a low-carbon future for our planet. You get a great value PC plus you have added to the benefit of reducing e-waste worldwide.